When we are overtaken by a compelling vision of a bright future, the world of unlimited possibilities opens up to us. However, when the latest fear, angst, and doubt (fad) creep in, that opening tends to shut down rather quickly. The way to keep that opening wide is to continually revisit the vision of a desired future.

Most people unconsciously project their past, or their current struggles, onto their future and wonder why they are stuck and not motivated to do anything.

Make the time to take the time to think and imagine what you really want for yourself in three to five years as it relates to your finances, business/career, relationships, health and personal growth. For 30 minutes, let go and play full out. Write down what you really want for yourself in each of those areas. Don’t worry about how far away you may be from it or how you will achieve it. Just get in touch with what you want and write it down.

Set a timer. Put time on your calendar. Have your peeps remind you. Do whatever it takes to get yourself to revisit your vision every day.

As you revisit your vision, your only job is to visceralize — make believe in your mind and in your heart that you are there living it now. See it, taste it, touch it. Feel it in your body. You need not know the exact “how” to make it all happen in this moment. Just stay with the image of living in it. By doing so, the “how” to achieve it will be revealed when you need it and can do something about it.

Trust that you will have the awareness and get the inklings, impulses, and inspiration to guide your decisions and actions throughout each day to do what must get done. If you absolutely knew, beyond a shadow of any doubt, that you will succeed at bringing about what you want, you will show up differently to everything you do. That difference makes the difference.

It’s not about “fake it ’til you make it.” It’s all about acting as if you will make it. It takes action. A certain type of action. An action that comes from acting “As if.”

Having a clear and compelling vision of your inspiring future empowers your ability to act “As if.”

Here are some tools and resources to help you dial in and create a compelling and inspiring vision:

  • Vision boards – Cut out pictures that remind you of what you want to achieve for yourself and make a collage of those pictures, key words and phrases that inspire you.
  • Journaling / Planning – Take time to reflect on what’s working and what needs work in your life and in your business. Refer back, accordingly, to plan, organize and diarize.
  • Accountability Buddy – Find someone who shares similar goals and help hold each other accountable for taking the necessary actions that will carry you closer to your vision.
  • Coach or Mentor – Connect with people that know how to bring out your best thinking and inspired actions.
  • Guided visualization or meditations – Record key questions and declarations to play back. Listen to it for inspiration and direction.
  • Affirmations – Use the power of “I AM…” statements to step up into your power and step out of your comfort zone. Do what must be done to bring about your vision.

As always, if you need some guidance in dialing in your compelling future vision, please reach out. I’m always in your corner.

Make it up, make it fun, and get it done!