Rave Reviews

  • Machen is a Rockstar! I used to think business coaches were just rah rah people. Machen says he provokes your brilliance and in a few minutes he proved it. I found out that I actually do have some answers, I’ve been asking the wrong questions. Machen’s coaching is priceless and he has an uncanny knack for allowing you to find your own brilliance. I highly recommend him just contact him, risk free, you’ll be glad you did. My business has been so much better and more rewarding after huddling with my coach!

    Mick Collins, Account Manager
    Pay it Forward Processing
  • Machen is one of the best personal coaches in the country, a best selling author and a sought after dynamic public speaker. In all of these roles, people experience the expertise, energy and enthusiasm he brings. Not only is he good at igniting a person’s potential but he is also extremely effective in helping them to find and utilize their true brilliance. His skills help others to quickly understand what their strengths are, what their challenges are, and how to execute on a plan that will lead to greater results and personal satisfaction. He does all of this with impeccable integrity and caring! A real winner!!

    Diane Ruebling
    The Ruebling Group
  • Machen is an incredible business coach and mentor. He helped “provoke my brilliance” to find a life balance. He does not use a “one size fits all approach” but rather invests his time and energy in getting to know you and helping you discover things you didn’t know or realize about yourself and your goals, all of which he uses to help you formulate a path of action toward professional and personal growth.

    Andrew Harris, Attorney at Law
    Offices of Andrew A. Harris, APC
  • I equate working with Machen to hiring a business partner. But unlike most partnership situations, he is 100% committed to your agenda. And it’s cost effective-since you’re not sharing 50% of your profits with him. He has made a measurable difference in not only the results of my practice, but how I feel about my practice. My attitude about coming to the office has shifted from apprehension and stress to one of anticipation and excitement. I highly recommend him.

    Patrick Whitaker
    Whitaker Financial Services
  • Machen has a unique talent to bring out the brilliance in anyone and any organization. He has helped me and my team to plan and achieve more than we ever could on our own. I also consider him to be an important business confidant that has my best interest in mind at all times.

    Russ Lane, President
    Compass Financial
  • I really valued our 3 month session, and hope to stay in contact. You helped me clarify who I am and want to be, set me up for success in finding advisors and mentors, and helped re-ignite what corporate America had dampened. Priceless! I’m glad Sheldon sent me your way. Thanks for taking me on as a client. Put in business terms, you helped me through quite the “turn-around.”

    Paul Cronin
  • Machen is amazing at clearly identifying the outcomes and creating the action needs to achieve the desired outcomes. I highly recommend Machen to anyone looking to take the game to the next level.

    Rich Campe
    ProAdvisor Coach
  • Machen is a true thought leader. I have utilized Machen in my own personal practice as well as positioned him to many of my best relationships. His wisdom, compassion and strategic resources have served me well.

    Brian Strock, Vice President at The Cassara Clinic
    Professional Training & Coaching Consultant
  • I’ve known Machen for 15 years. Integrity is his middle name. He’s a game changing thinker who brings a unique brand of brilliance to every conversation.


    Machen is committed and dedicated to results. He produces exemplary work. He delivers what he promises, and more. Machen is a leader who can inspire groups, with the talent and flexibility to work one on one as a trusted advisor.

    Mitch Axelrod
    #1 Bestselling Author | Speaker | Strategist | Consultant
    The NEW Game of Business™ | Intellectual Property Specialist
  • Machen has worked with me on a weekly basis as a business consultant and coach for over two years as of this writing. His insights have been tremendously helpful. I find Machen to be a practitioner with high standards, who is in business to be of value to others. When I began to think about launching my company, Machen assisted me tremendously in figuring out how to put things in motion in order to realize my vision.


    He helps me keep my focus on track and is a great sounding board for my ideas and a valued brainstorming partner. I appreciate him both as a business resource and as a friend.

    John Ramos, President
    Trajectory Consulting, LLC
  • Machen is very well organized in his business strategies and it shows with his success of training mediocre leaders to brilliant leaders.

    Rob Irwin, PhD
    Owner, Sport of Mind
  • Machen is a dynamic, smart and successful entrepreneur that takes action to get what he wants done. He also has a great aptitude to helping others and provides outstanding council to those who seek his advice.

    John Assaraf,CEO Praxis Now
    NY Times Best Selling Author
  • ‘Excellence’ is the standard by which I have witnessed Machen MacDonald dedicated himself to in every aspect of his personal and professional life. Whether in a capacity of Coaching, Presenting, or Writing, Machen delivers tremendous value and you can be assured he will do nothing less than meet or exceed all expectations. That’s just the kind of guy he is.

    “Yo Pal” Hal Elrod
    Keynote Speaker and #1 bestselling author
  • Machen is a great business coach, offers out-of-the-ordinary way of thinking to grow your business and practice. The tools he will help provide are lasting and will increase net revenue, improve your business skills, increase your productivity, and allow you to spend more time doing the things you enjoy. Machen will give you a prospective that adds value to yourself and your clients..

    Mitchell Black, Financial Advisor
    Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.
  • Machen is a very good listener before he makes his recommendations. He is very good about moving the process along when a bottleneck is present. Machen has much to offer and is very supportive in the process of improvement.

    Terry Bartels, District Manager
    American Family Insurance
  • ProBrilliance….. what an appropriate name for what Machen MacDonald stands for! He is truly gifted in drawing out my own personal and professional “brilliance.” These last 3 years under his “coaching” wing have produced amazing results for me both personally and professionally. Thanks, Machen, for helping me tap into success and balance…and I mean this from the bottom of my heart!!

    Deborah Short
    Planning for Seniors
  • I have known Machen for 20 years as a friend in business. I didn’t start working with him as a coach until Jan 07. He is extremely talented and intuitive. Machen has helped me to reach a deeper level of understanding about my entire life and how it is so intertwined. The most valuable thing he has taught me this last year and a half, that had many unpredictable challenges along the way, is get very clear on how I want to be about whatever I am faced with, and to create that feeling as best I can, as often as I can, until it becomes reality. I can draw my intentions to me no matter the situation I am facing! Machen has an unbelievable gift! Thank you from the bottom of my heart Machen, I am truly grateful to know you.

    Rusti Keeley
    The Integrity Group
  • Machen is a creative and effective leadership coach who provides invaluable insight and wisdom into the challenges and approaches to a myriad of leadership challenges.

    Amy Albaugh, CPCU, Agency Sales Manager
    American Family Insurance
  • Machen MacDonald is at the forefront of 21st Century coaching and development. His directional insights and perspective are profoundly impactful. His marketing savvy and ability to executive produce projects puts him at the top of his game!

    Joey Davenport, CLU, CLF, CLTC
    President Executive Producer | International Speaker | Organizational Consultant
  • Machen’s impact on my career and life have been phenomenal. I am thankful for his guidance in discovering how to make small tweaks mentally and emotionally so that I can perform in an ideal state. His ability to bring real life situations down to simple terms has helped me to gain control of my environments, and to be that person I have always known I am. Because of his guidance, I am now a stronger contributor to society, a better husband and father, and a happily-achieving entrepreneur.

    Clinton Brown
    Clinton Brown Financial
  • I’ve used Machen MacDonald’s expertise as a business coach both personally and in group training sessions. He has the ability to focus your attention, assist in identifying important issues and to clear the path for better personal performance and even a better life. If you are interested in having a better practice, my recommendation is to start by contacting Machen!

    John Pittman, Registered Principal, Financial Consultant
    Ameritas Investment Corp.
  • Coach Machen is uniquely able to draw from all the best professional development spheres, and to use these to help other professionals achieve their true potential. He integrates tried and true principles as well as the latest techniques, and helps people to marshal these, in order to break through all of the barriers and roadblocks that lie in the way of achieving each one’s true potential.

    Joseph Melancon, FICF, Insurance Field Agent
    Knights of Columbus
  • Machen has the skills to help capture the brilliance in others. He understands the power of coaching and how to utilize leadership concepts to produce positive results.

    Ryan Beck, CFP © Executive Vice President
    AXA Advisors, LLC
  • Machen is an amazing business and personal consultant/coach. He’s a forward thinker and can analyze a situation and give very insightful advice. The books he’s authored are also very well written and are relevant to just about everyone who is wanting to get more out of their lives and professions. His seminars/presentations are also entertaining, which makes learning fun and successful.

    Mary Anne Davis, Event and Sponsorship Manager
    The Union Newspaper
  • Machen has been absolutely key to how I now think, act, and resolve both personal and business issues that were keeping me stuck. I’m just not stuck like I was anymore. I recommend that anyone who is in search of wise “actionable advice” for business or personal reasons -contact Machen MacDonald!

    Scott Taylor
    Graphics Media Professional
  • Machen is a world-class personal development coach and speaker. He is the author of Provoking Your Brilliance! – a dynamic book showing in simple terms how to increase ones fulfillment while elevating their success.


    Machen’s ability to bring clients on-purpose in their daily living, their career tracks and their effectiveness as leaders, is beyond measure.


    I highly recommend Machen’s teachings to anyone wanting an effective strategy in personal development.

    Mick Moore
    The Internet Entrepreneur
  • Having been privileged to provide editing services for Machen’s book series, The Power of Coaching, I have had a substantial amount of communication and collaboration with him. I’ve found Machen to be passionate about his profession and the success of his clients. He maintains a level of professionalism that surpasses my expectations, while consistently ensuring that I have the tools and information needed to complete our projects.


    In the past, I’ve also introduced Machen to other professionals. Recently, I asked him to provide his stamp of approval to support a book written by a newcomer to the motivational and inspirational speaking market. Machen responded immediately with a well-written and thoughtful recommendation. It is a testament to his personal and professional ethic, as well as his chosen field, that he is willing to extend support and encouragement to others.


    It has been an honor to work with Machen, and without reservation, I provide him with the highest professional recommendation possible. He exemplifies his coaching and professional beliefs in all of his pursuits with a level of dedication second to none.

    Patti McKenna
    Independent Writing and Editing Professional
  • Machen MacDonald is the coaches coach. His proactive, inspiring, and collaborative way of being has created success for everybody who works with him. I invested into working with Machen when I had nothing more than the word of one person to rely on. Looking back, working with Machen was a turning point that propelled my career. Without hesitation, I recommend connecting with, hiring, or even just listening to Machen.

    Jon Berghoff, Director of Subsidiary Sales
    Garland Industries
  • Machen was a superb business consultant helping our clients implement our business solutions. He was always very professional and prepared for all assignments and his follow through left us (and our clients) feeling very satisfied. I look forward to future opportunities to work with Machen.

    David Koons, President & COO
    Cloud Income Properties, Inc
  • Machen, is truly a BRILLIANT individual! I am so glad that he decided to start a company like The ProBrilliance Leadership Institute because coaching others to help them find their inner brillance is what he is a champion at doing. If you need a business coach, Machen is definitely, the man. He is calm and measured in his thinking, actions and treatment of others. He will give you feedback but it is always positive, uplifting, useful and honest at the same time.

    Christina Smith
    Small Business Consultant
    Be A Blessing Enterprises
  • Machen is the consummate professional. Extremely giving, tons of experience, well connected and most importantly the wisdom to know when to apply them all. His insight and coaching supported me in completing the foundation needed for exponential growth. A true breath of fresh air to see someone passionate about serving others. Thanks Machen.

    Andrew Windham
    College Planning Institute
  • Machen has truly helped me to be the best I can be professionally. I have a much greater appreciation and focus for what I need to do to take me and my business to a new level, a level I’ve dreamed of achieving for many years now.


    Machen brings a level of direction, meaningful introspection and relevance to everything that goes into running a successful business in a way that respects my core values. It’s been a real pleasure to work with him, I can see that we he will be part of my team for the long term. As an entrepreneur, I highly recommend Machen’s services.

    Kirk Lowe
    Owner of TactiBrand
  • Machen is one of those rare individuals who understands how people think, and how they respond the way they do. He is insightful, encouraging, supportive, and direct. Mahen helped me to focus on what was most important to me and my success. As a result, I met and married the man of my dreams, started my own business, and my income has increased exponentially in the last tow years. My life is so blessed, and I am profoundly grateful for having worked with Machen. If you are looking for a coach wh will help you reach the pinnacles of your greatness…Machen is the five-star choice. He helped me “brilliance,” he can help you too!

    Jeanette AngellOwner Olive Vitality