Meet Machen

For almost a quarter century Machen MacDonald has dedicated himself to helping financial advisors and small business owners discover their purpose and help them align their focus to achieve dramatic and measurable improvements both in business and in life.

His ability to develop systems, based on his clients’ mental & emotional foundation, and for creating immediate and lasting change has made him a recognized sought-after expert in the world of coaching and peak performance.

As the consummate entrepreneur, Machen started five successful service companies and went on to succeed in financial services as an advisor working his way into award-winning field management and then into executive level management before founding The ProBrilliance Leadership Institute. He understands and can relate firsthand to the challenges small business owners, sales professionals, advisers, managers and corporate leaders all face.

Machen is a #1 best-selling author and creator of the highly successful Power of Coaching book series. He is a certified and award-winning business coach and life coach, He is a Certified MindScan Consultant and creator of The 5X5 POD Formula for achieving and maintaining greater success.

Machen resides in Northern California with his wife of 29 years and their three children. He enjoys competitive running, snow and water skiing, and spending time with family.