The Power of Coaching – Managing the TIME of Your Life

To achieve winning results from your business plan you must be a master at managing your time.  In this 142 page collection of stories of inspiration and success, you’ll learn how to discover if you are contributing to or contaminating your time.  Imagine if you could actually generate more time!  The stories in this book will make it possible for you to be more productive at work and home. Learn to eliminate feelings of anxiety, confusion, and overwhelm.  Contributors include renowned business building experts: Harry Hoopis, Jim Rohn, Stephen Covey, Jose Feliciano, Brian Tracy, along with peak performance coaches Scott Taylor, Denis Waitley, Diane Ruebling, Jed Niederer, Germaine Porche & Dr. Alison Arnold

Managing The Time of Your Life

Provoking Your Brilliance!

In this best selling 157 page book, personal development coach and speaker, Machen MacDonald leads you to gain clarity on your goals, rewrite your own rules so you can win the game of success, and consistently take action to move closer to having what matters most to you.  In order to implement and execute a winning business plan in the most effective way you must have a superior mental and emotional foundation on which to erect that business plan. This book is a key resource in building that winning foundation.

Provoking Your Brilliance

The Power of Coaching – The Secrets of Achievement!

If you’re a leader of a team, consider this 166 page  book your go-to-guide for motivating your team to achieve dramatic results.  Using proven coaching techniques you will gain the ability to show your people how they can unlock their full potential and achieve their winning business plans. Help them make a habit out of being excellent! Contributors of this bestselling book include  Brian Tracy, Ed Deutschlander, Chet Holmes, Dr. Rob Irwin, Rich Campe, Don Boyer, Robert Chiron, and Yasmine Bijan along with many others.

Secrets of Achievement

The Power of Coaching – Engaging Excellence in Others

Imagine leveraging your strength and the strengths of others while consistently raising your game ant the game of those you lead! Experience the benefits of really holding your team accountable and effectively executing success strategies to stay on track with  your business plan. Contributing authors to this proven success resource include Machen MacDonald, John Assaraf, Harry Hoopis, Joey Davenport, Brian Tracy, Mark Rooney, Phil Richards and other top business building leaders in the  field of business and personal development.

Engaging Excellence in Others

88 Tactical Marketing Tactics

This book contains 88 proven ways you can grow your prospecting pipeline with qualified and committed prospective clients starting today.  This is a great stand alone book to help you build your marketing plan or an excellent companion workbook for our Business Acceleration Plan eCourse.

Learn what works and what’s a waste of time when it comes to your marketing efforts.

Engaging Excellence in Others