Are you winning your business prospecting game and how are you impacting people profoundly?

To win at the people business you have to win at the numbers game. You have to find your way to get to the people so they can benefit from your expertise and what you do. You have to win the numbers game of business prospecting.

How? Make it up, make it fun, and get it done!

Here are some simple ways (games) to make business prospecting fun:

10 before 10 am: Make 10 prospecting calls before 10 am. Take the pressure off by going for the NOs. The highway of success is paved with NOs. Along with the NOs come the big YESs. Start off easy. Call a friend. Call a good client and connect in. Once you are warmed up, call your prospects.

Post and Profit: Get into a weekly routine of posting something meaningful and relevant on social media. Like and comment on several client’s and prospect’s posts. Commit to establishing a connect with a certain number of people in your target market each week. Look at their online profile and find items to authentically connect in on. Do your best to move the online chat to an intro zoom or call.

Keep Score and focus on the progress you are making toward your goal. Progress equals happiness. Have a visual measurement of your progress of doing the business-building activities you know will bring you business. Keep track of the goal as well.

Speak or present once a month or once a quarter to a group either virtually or live. Keep it simple and easy. Build a 30-60 minute presentation that answers the top 5 FAQs you get in your business along with the question they should be asking but aren’t. Follow up with attendees on the phone.

Send 10 pieces of lumpy mail each week to your best prospects. People love getting packages in the mail. It’s usually the first thing that gets opened. e.g., When I was in financial services my target market was building contractors. I would send them a Mug-Boss to help them organize their desk. It cost me $2. I added a note to the effect of – the mug boss helps you organize your desk & I would like to help you organize your insurance and benefits. I’d follow up a few days later with a call and because of the law of reciprocation (Influence by Dr. Robert Cialdini), I scheduled an appointment the majority of the time. They are fun follow-up calls. Anything works, pens, key chains, mousepads, etc. Just tie it into the message of your prospecting letter.

Move the Pennies: Start with a stack of 10 pennies or the number for however many calls you want to make during your prospecting session. Place them in a stack and move one penny over to the new stack after each call.

Center Your Influence with centers of influence or joint ventures: Connect with and nurture the relationships with people that have influence with your prospective clients. Remember, you have influence with your clients who may be their prospects. It goes both ways. Make them look good with your clients and they will want to make you look good with their clients. Opportunities to co-author, co-present, co-interview, co-sponsor, and co-(fill in the blank) abound.

Write articles for online and offline: Going back to your FAQs mentioned above, you can use those to write articles and case studies and publish them online and in print media as well. You can repurpose what you have created on many different platforms. You can send them in the mail, in emails, and in other various kits and packages you share with prospects.

There are so many things you can do to make prospecting fun. First is being prepared with what you will say if you get your prospect live, or on voicemail, or with an assistant. Have a powerful and compelling message for each.

Share your best prospecting game here. It’s always great to learn what others are doing to succeed.

Learn, Do, and Breakthrough! It’s Up to You.

Reach out if you want some guidance in how to design a unique mental framework for winning your game.

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