Just about everything we want and don’t have is on the other side of what we fear. The more money we want is on the other side of the thoughts of investing more hours and working harder than we currently do. It’s on the other side of asking for the order and the fear of being rejected. The loving relationship we seek eludes us as we fear being laughed at and dismissed that could come from asking the person we find attractive out on a first date. The better health or more fitness we desire is on the other side of the fear of giving up the foods we enjoy, being uncomfortable during a workout, or subjecting ourselves to the critical scrutiny by others at the gym.

Unless we are willing to endure being uncomfortable for a period of time, to achieve what we really want, we won’t do what it takes to get there and we slip into the trap of settling for what we don’t really want.

To get what we desire we must develop a clear vision of what we truly desire for ourselves.  The more clear it is, the more we will find our way to trusting it will come about as we do what we must to make it happen. We have all heard of the numerous obstacles that had to be overcome by people that accomplished great things. Nothing great was ever accomplished in their comfort zone. They had to endure hanging out outside of their comfort zone as they did what was needed to succeed. Where they found their comfort was in their vision that resided on the other side of whatever they feared.

The Wright Brothers, Walt Disney, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King, Jr., Mahatma Gandhi all had a vision or a dream of a what was possible for the world. Each of them and others that achieved greatness were willing to endure the failures and setbacks that would pave the way to the other side.

To have a vision we must be visionary. To be visionary we must know when to trust acting from our insight and not just our eyesight. To be short sighted is to only rely on our eyesight.  It may not allow us to see past what we fear. To have a vision activates our insight and empowers us to see past our fear. This video clip of Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade brings to life the power of taking action based on trusting our insight.

Rather than permitting your current fear to employ your power to hold  you back, I invite you to make a committed decision, regardless of how difficult it may be for a period of time, to create a vision that will activate your power and compel you to  take the actions necessary to accomplish what you truly desire. By doing this you will move through what you fear to get to the other side.

Make it up, make it fun, and get it done!