Our genuine power is generated from our enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is made up of the Greek words “theos” meaning god and “en” meaning in. It literally means “God within.”  I once heard that sales is nothing more than the transfer of enthusiasm. I’m not talking about artificially manufactured enthusiasm.  We can all smell that a mile away like commission breath. What  I am referring to is genuine loving enthusiasm.

We have all been around people that are genuinely enthusiastic about something or someone. I find them to be attractive. They draw me in. They inspire me to their cause and want to be better.  People that, in my judgment, are not genuine in their enthusiasm where it feels manufactured, I actually find them repelling. I think you might agree with me on this.

As a leader, in order to lift those around us to perform at their best, all we need to do is SHARE enthusiastically.

S –  Support people. Seek out ways to support people in their endeavors. Can you remove resistance? Can you collectively calibrate to help get them back on track? Can you provide tools, resources, or encouragement to make their work easier?  We are all on a path. Some people ahead of us have shined the light for us to find our way and it is our opportunity to shine the light for others to find their way.

H  – Honor people.  Acknowledge them for doing good work that is the right work for the progress of the organization. Like Ken Blanchard says, in his book The One Minute Manager, “Catch people doing something right.”  Take it one step farther by helping your people acknowledge and validate themselves for a job well done. Most people never learned how to self-validate. They rely on getting their fill from people on the outside. Show them how to self-validate by simply asking, “How do you  feel about the job you did?”  They’ll get the hang of it.

A  – Anticipate and Activate. Help people see their compelling future.  As you catch them doing things right and help them self-validate ask them, “What’s possible as a result of doing so?” They will begin to see an inspired future for themselves. Then ask, “What’s your next action need to be and by when will you commit to taking that action?” Help them keep the momentum moving forward by holding them accountable to their vision.

R – Reverse any negativity by recognizing and telling the truth. I find that negativity shows up from fear. There are as many different types of fear as there are people.  When it’s reduced down, most fears are only a misinformed thought that we are not capable of doing or are not enough as we are.

It’s a doing or being dilemma of distraction as it relates to who we really are as a person. Help people break the bond of the distraction of believing they are not enough or their feeling incapable. This is done by shining the light on who you see them to be in all their potential. After all, that is the truth.

E –  Elevate Empathy. Find your way to seeing the world as they see it. You don’t have to agree with their perspective, nor do you have to change how they see it. Let them know you understand them and where they are coming from. It’s that simple. That is the biggest gift anyone can receive is to simply feel understood. When people feel understood they move away from resistance and are open to seeking alignment of a common vision. You actually may find your own solutions and breakthroughs coming about more quickly as a result of being willing to see things differently.

This week find your power within and that for which you have great enthusiasm and SHARE it with others.

Make it up, make it fun, and get it done!