The successes we all seek to find, all start in a wonderful place we call our mind.

To have a vision in our mind’s eye, will help assure we get our piece of the pie.


It’s not enough just to have the clarity and plan for achieving our goals,

we must be willing to put in the sweat and tears of fulfilling our roles.


For those that judge their life to be in flow,

they guide and embrace the inner thoughts they know.


Those that continually struggle and fall,

refuse to accept any thinking responsibility at all.


Our thoughts are like seeds, which lead to our deeds.


It’s our collective deeds which make up our experiences called life.

It is thereby important to guide our thoughts to eliminate the internal strife.


Unless we proactively remove the thoughts that are akin to a weed,

it is a life of dysfunction and misery we will lead.


The effectiveness of our doing is only as good as the being doing the doing.


This truth is hard for some to accept,

only because, at guiding their mind, they are inept.


The good news is, that’s been the case only up until now,

because going forward anyone can figure out how.


The enjoyable and successful life we seek to find,

is generated in the fertile garden known as our mind.


We must be sure to diligently think only the thoughts we desire to grow,

for doing so will yield the working, blissful life we wish to know.


It is our internal thoughts that will inevitably come to pass,

proving and sharing the results of our life is but a looking glass.


I invite you to be mindful about the seeds of thought you sow today,

as they will determine the good fortune or misfortune that comes your way.


Make it up, make it fun, and get it done!