To grow your business you must grow your IDEAL clients. In the professional
development world one of my friends and colleagues says, “… of the market or
even niche any professional serves, there will be one-third of the people that love
you no matter what; another third that just need another reason to hate and you’re
it; and the final third doesn’t even know where they are or what day it is.”

As an advisor or agent one of your most important roles you have is to be highly
visible and attractive to the one-third that will love you no matter what. The reason
this is so important is not just so you can grow your practice. Perhaps more
importantly, it’s so your IDEAL clients have the opportunity to receive and act on
your services to position themselves more favorably financially. Just as you have
an IDEAL client, they have an ideal advisor, which is hopefully you. If they are
working with an advisor that is not ideal for them or worse, no advisor at all,
chances are they are not doing what they need to do to take care of protecting
themselves and their family financially in the best way possible.

In order to create this attraction between you and your IDEAL client, you must do
three things.

1. Learn to recognize who your IDEAL client is.
2. Become aware of why your IDEAL client is attracted to you.
3. Develop and execute a plan to become even more attractive to them.

An IDEAL client will be different for every advisor out there. However, there are
common dynamics they all possess. Just remember the 5 IDEAL Traits.
They are:

I – Inspiring – An IDEAL client is inspiring to work with. They are fun,
challenging in a good way and cause you to bring out your best while you are
serving them. You find yourself operating at your full potential while in their
presence and while immersed in serving them.. Take a moment and think about
your clients. Who comes to mind when you think about who inspires you? Plan
and do what you must to attract more people like them. Here’s a hint…they hang
out with people like them. Part of your strategy should be eloquently acquiring
referrals and favorable introductions to people that inspire you. Who do you inspire
and who inspires you?

D – Determined – An IDEAL client is determined to improve their situation. We
live in an expanding universe. It is natural to want to grow and expand. IDEAL
clients want to learn more, grow, improve and become more of who they are
whether it’s through the demonstration of home improvement, upgrading their
auto, becoming more physically fit, growing their finances, or learning new skills.
You are in position to help them improve their current situation through the
products and services you offer. With them being determined and you being the
best at what you do, simply show them how your products and services align with
them ultimately getting what they want. Who do you know that is determined?

E – Envision – They can envision what they want for themselves and they are open
to others who can help them refine or expand their vision. They have something
they are moving toward but may not be able to do it on their own. They have
objectives they want to accomplish. There are things they aspire to build. They
have relationships they want to deepen and lives they want to affect. They need
your guidance and support to do so. Who do you know that has a vision and needs
support in making it a reality? Who do you know that may be longing for a vision?

A – Aligned – IDEAL clients are philosophically aligned with you. They share
many of the same values, characteristics and qualities that you do. They resonate
with your perspectives, suggestions and advice. Rarely do they push back. If and
when they do, it simply gives rise to increasing awareness on both your parts.
Though they may be culturally, spiritually, or socioeconomically diverse from
you, they share a very similar core essence to you. Who do you know that has a
kindred energy in overall purpose?.

L – Loyal – IDEAL clients are advocates for you, your products and services.
They go out of their way to favorably introduce you to people they care about and
who they want to experience or benefit from the same level of service you
provided them. They believe in what you do and how you do it. They are not
tempted by cheaper offers or discounts from your competition. They know they
receive added value by working with you and that you have their back. They often
promote and support you to serve on an even greater level than you you may
already be doing. Who do you know that is currently acting as your champion or

Take a few minutes this week to identify who your most IDEAL client really is.
Thank them and asked to be introduced to more people like them.
How would your business grow if you could bring on a few more IDEAL clients
each and every month? It’s totally possible. All you need to do is be a first rate
version of who you really are rather than a second rate version of who you think
you “should” be. Ask to be introduced to more of your IDEAL clients.

Your IDEAL client wants to work with the true you.
Consider these amplification questions to bring out the real you and shine the
spotlight so your IDEAL client can find you:

● What part of you can you shine more brightly to attract more IDEAL
● What part of you can you share more generously to attract more IDEAL
● What makes you uniquely qualified to succeed as your IDEAL clients’
trusted advisor for life?
● What are three things you can do to experience more joy in your practice?
● What’s one thing you can do to strengthen your confidence?
● In 10 words or less: How do you dramatically improve your IDEAL client’s
life? (How do they typically feel after having worked with you?)
● How will you message those attributes so your IDEAL clients can find you?
Think, scripts, voicemail, email, social media, website, workshops, and
referrals. The message needs to be congruent and bold.

I invite you to take an hour of power to become more attractive to your IDEAL

1. Ponder who your IDEAL client really is using the 5 IDEAL Traits above.
2. Consider and write down the answers to the amplification questions so you
can see why you are an IDEAL advisor of choice for life..
3. Build out your action plan of what you will start doing to be more attractive
and visible to your IDEAL clients.

Make it up, make it fun and get it done!

#1 bestselling author Machen P. MacDonald, CPCC, CCSC is a certified life and strategic business coach with ProBrilliance Leadership Institute
in Grass Valley, CA. He helps advisors gain more confidence and clarity to live their ideal life. He can be reached at
and 530-273-8000 or visit