What’s your plan for when the going gets tough? You lose out on a big contract. You don’t get accepted into the program for which you have worked so hard. The car breaks down and there is already more month left at the end of the money as it is. Whether it happens all at once or is a marathon of back to back events, perceived setbacks can be extremely draining mentally and emotionally. What’s your plan to not get sucked down that drain?


Next time life unleashes a swift punch to the gut consider the plan of  becoming solid like a R.O.C.K.


I’m not suggesting there is anything wrong in feeling the  let down in whatever form it may take. Feel the sadness, the anger, or the fear that comes up as a result of the circumstance. Feel it and accept it. The emotion is  there and it’s real. The more we try to repress or deny what we are feeling  the more it will move around  elsewhere in our lives so as to get our attention.  It’s a bit like a balloon filled with air.  If we fill a balloon with air and tie it off and then try to squeeze the air out of it, the air just moves around within the balloon.  Emotions can behave the very same way. However, if we don’t tie off the end and let the air pass through the balloon it will propel the balloon and eventually the balloon will exhaust the air and land.


Once the balloon lands there is an opportunity to be the R.O.C.K.


Solid like a ROCK.


R – Redirect your mind back to your power. We are a state of mind not a state of affairs.  Events and circumstances happen and we are not those events nor circumstances. We are bigger than anything that can happen. Get clear about what you stand for and who you really are as a person. People around you may try to  project their limitations onto you. Don’t buy into that which is not in alignment with who you are in your heart.


O – Own your goodness. It can be fairly easy to pick up the proverbial baseball bat and start beating up ourselves emotionally. Be the advocate for acknowledging your ongoing growth and learning. Recollect your own wisdom, knowledge and good deeds. Recall and reconnect to the evidence that affirms  you are good.


C – Create an ongoing version of your perfect self.  Just as you own your goodness you must also not settle. Look forward to your full potential and who you are becoming and how you can evolve. The Greek philosopher Socrates would impart to his followers, “Endeavor to be what you desire to appear.”  As you learn, grow, and become more of who you are meant to be, you will continue to gain new glimpses, insights and perspectives into who you can really become by not hanging onto the  doubts, fears, and limitations.


K – Keep on keepin’ on with your compelling future. As you move closer to becoming all you  can be, you will continually see even more of what you can be. It may feel somewhat elusive. The reality is it is inclusive.  We could not see that greater part of our self if it did not already exist somewhere on some level within us. By keeping on keepin’ on we are waking up the powerful person of awesomeness that resides within us all.


The next time you find yourself knocked down pick up and wake up your R.O.C.K.