Fulfilled Successful people have developed the habit of looking on the bright side of life. Because they look,  they find the special something by which others are often eluded.

B – Be the best version of yourself in the current situation. We may not always have control over the situation or circumstance within which we find ourselves. However, we always have the power to choose the healthiest perspective from which to view what’s going on and operate accordingly. We get to stay in our power and access our highest awareness and deepest resources when the going gets tough. That’s being your best version of you. Don’t cry for it to be easier, strive to be better. In doing so we increase our capacity and as that happens, what was once challenging does become easier.

R – Renew and ritualize your commitment to yourself and your goal. What is your ritual or routine to get back to your center? See your ultimate destination in your mind. Imagine yourself already having achieved it. Feel it in your bones. When we judge all is not well, we tend to ponder. Guide your pondering and ponder this when you imagine having achieved your goal…

  • What inner strength did you summon along the way that propelled you through any difficulties? 
  • Who did you become along the way to making it happen?
  • What did you learn?
  • What did you let go of?
  • Who helped you?
  • Who did you help?
  • How did you find your courage?

Now is simply part of that “along the way.” Make now count.

I – Inspiring integrity wins the day. It’s when we forget our wholeness, we tend to get off in the weeds mentally and emotionally. Integer is the root of integrity. What is an integer? It’s a whole number. Remember, to bring your whole self to every situation as if your life depends on it. Because it does. Doing so is not exhaustive nor expiring, but rather provocative and inspiring.

G – Gestation periods grow good things. Seasons, cycles and waves, are all part of life. Admittedly it can be hard to be with what may feel like life not going according to plan. Weeds may grow in the garden and they have a purpose. Labor pains have a purpose in the birthing process. Some of life’s greatest contributions came after or as a result of a failure, mistake, or pain. Fulfillment of purpose come about by staying in motion. Stay in motion during gestation.

H – Hold on to your vision so it can pull you forward through the dark times. Only when we can see the other side clearly in our mind and know where we are going, can we dig deep and keep on keepin’ on to its realization. When we know where we are headed, even though it may be dark outside, we drive at speed and with confidence. If we are not sure where we are going, it’s foggy, or we are lost, our confidence wanes and we slow our momentum.

T – Trust in what got you here and has overcome adversity in the past. It will serve you during the doubtful times as well. Trust your best self. Trust your renewed self. Trust your whole self. Trust your pondering self. Trust your persevering self. Trust yourself.

This week look on the BRIGHT side and find yourself.